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241 Päärynä

241 Päärynä

Acrylic on canvas glued to a board 18x24cm

The work does not have a hanging loop, if you want a wooden bar at the back, please state it when ordering. The work can also be hung with blackboard tape, for example.

The works made on canvas charm every space. Both abstract and performance works leave room for everyone's own interpretation.

 The works painted on canvas are mounted on wooden frames and the work is ready for the wall as it is. There is a wire on the back, which can be used to hang the work on the wall. Even big jobs are quite light.

 In the spatial image, you can feel the work in the right proportions. If you want to see if the work is suitable for a certain colored wall, ask for a sample picture by email. You can also request additional photos and/or videos.

 If you wish, you can order wooden frames for the work, for example by a carpenter. A varnish has been applied to the surface of the work, which protects the work from UV radiation and dirt. If deep edge is mentioned in connection with the work, it means that the depth of the frame is slightly thicker than normal, 3-5 cm. The normal depth is about 2cm.

 Also check out the FAQ section, where you can find answers to the most common questions.

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