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Moods about products, work and work results.

I produce different entities for companies, alone and with partners


The idea behind each assignment is to raise the company's visual appearance to the next level.

A uniform look in all the company's channels and materials increases credibility, value and creates a whole that customers crave.


The company can use images in a variety of ways, for example on websites, social media, company publications, annual reports, advertising materials...

Let's create great content together!

yrityksille valokuvaaja

Behind every job there is a face, materials, premises, service, operation - and it is worth sharing with current and future customers.


With pictures, we tell about the company's operations and the faces behind it. Factory visit, products in the forest, portraits of employees, close-up photos of work tools - the possibilities are endless. 


Confirm your message.


Social channels are the brand's most important shop windows. They tell about the company's values, convey the brand's story and through them there is direct contact with customers. 

With a unified look and visually beautiful images, we get customers 
to commit. 


Brighten your brand. 

Have you thought about how much time it takes to find a suitable picture from an external image bank? Do you feel like the pictures don't tell about you, your story, your employees? Not about your customers or potential about the audience? 

We will tell you in our image bankof you.
For your customers, to your own community. With genuine, fresh and beautiful pictures, saving time.

Photography with a phone

The phone photography course is my popular three-hour training, where you dive into the secrets of photography and image processing - with your own smart device. You will learn to understand the direction of light, the color of light, composition and take your photos to the next level. The training is perfect for companies that want to produce a higher quality image for social media channels. 

Anyone can organize the course, the minimum number of participants is 5 people. 

The basics of photography

In the basics of photography course, the focus is on taking pictures with a system camera at the scope desired by the customer. Let's take over apertures, times, focal lengths, sensitivity, depth of field and put together the best possible conditions for taking a great photo. 

The course can be organized by anyone, the minimum number of participants is 5 people.

I create courses related to photography, image processing and social media in a variety of ways according to the client's wishes - let's create a package that is just right for you!


Yritykselläsi saattaa olla tekemisen puutetta, kun on virkistyspäivän vuoro.

Jätä se minun huolekseni!


Luon keramiikkapajoja studiollani Kellokosken ruukilla, Tuusulassa. Myös maalaamiseen liittyvät pajat on mahdollisia ja osan pajoista voi liikuttaa toivomaanne lokaatioon.

Kysy rohkeasti tarjousta tiimillesi ja laitetaan kädet saveen!

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