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Photographer, visual artist, writer, entrepreneur

kaisu @
+358 40 5569 069
My last name has changed (formerly Jouppi).

I work as a professional photographer, visual artist, writer, trainer and content producer in my company. As a photographer, I have gained versatile experience in the field, a strong vision of impressive photography, and the ability to capture the right moments.

My clients include the largest newspaper houses in Finland, companies and organizations in various fields and private individuals.


I am a creative aesthetician and with my visual eye I record everything from portraits to reports, from food to travel and from products to interiors. The combination of image and text inspires me.

I like to develop the brand image of companies and produce image packages, as well as entire image banks.

I mainly work in southern Finland, but I like to travel further afield in pursuit of good stories.


I am a self-taught visual artist who, in my thirties, applied for a solid foundation for my skills at the Pekka Halonen Academy and completed visual arts degree in the spring of 2024.

By painting, drawing and shaping clay, I feel that I am sharing creativity, which I am unable to extract through photography. In addition to abstract forms, I also enjoy working with realistic works, and clay also creates useful items. I like to mix techniques, use colors skillfully and try strange combinations in glazes.

I work in painting mainly with tempera, acrylics, oil and watercolors. In my works, I play with humor and sometimes dive into the world of melancholy. 

It is possible to order work from me according to your wishes and I am happy to join projects. A series of works for public spaces, ceramic sculptures for the office lobby?

Long-term projects have been part of my journey. Series of pictures about the depression of young women and the loneliness of widows, tell about tough subjects with sensitive pictures. When planning and working on photo series, I always put the subject first.

My projects have been exhibited in exhibitions, and have gained visibility in the media. In my latest photo series, I captured people who experienced stillbirth. The pictures won the Newspaper Pictures of the Year 2013 competitionPhoto essay of the year - title and was invited to be a part Next Generation – young eyes of photojournalism exhibition in 2015. 


A photo book that gives a face to stillbirth An empty lap (No Tofu Publishing) was published in September 2015. 

(formerly Kaisu Jouppi Oy)
kaisu @ 
+358 405569069
VAT 2541495-5
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