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On this page you will find answers to the most common questions regarding art and online shopping. You will find information about payment, delivery and GDPR.


Are the works unique?

Yes, the works are unique, there is only one copy of them. This does not apply to prints or postcards, but art prints are numbered and signed. My ceramics are also built by hand, each piece is unique.

Can I get a certificate of authenticity for the work?

Unique works (does not apply to everyday ceramics) are accompanied by a sales certificate, which acts as a certificate of authenticity.

To which countries are the works delivered?

It is possible to deliver works all over the world. The following countries can be selected in the online store: Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Portugal, Great Britain, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Austria, Belgium, Monaco, China, Japan, USA, Australia, Canada.


If your location is not selectable - you can order the products by email:

kaisu @

How much is the shipping fee?

The delivery fee is based on the size of the package and the delivery location, and the price is automatically added to the total at checkout.

Postage to Finland: 2,90-40€

Postage abroad: 10-80€

The delivery and shipping costs of large works is always agreed separately.

Where can you find the works information?

By clicking on the picture of the work, you will find additional pictures, measurements and other necessary information. I can also send more video clips and pictures of details upon request.

Why are the works made on canvas not for sale directly in the online store?

The delivery of large works must be arranged separately. I can mail some, the transport of some has to be considered on a case-by-case basis. Contact kaisu @ if you want to promote the purchase of a work made on canvas. For works under 100 cm, mailing is usually easy. If you live in Finland, you can buy some of the smaller canvas works online.

Do the prices include VAT?

The price includes either 10 or 24 percent value added tax, depending on the tax rate of the category. There is no VAT when ordering outside the EU. There is also no value added tax for business customers outside of Finland. The tax is removed in the shopping cart when the country is selected.

Do the works have frames?

Unless otherwise stated, the works do not come with frames. Works made on canvas do not need frames, for works made on paper, the buyer can get the frames they want.


Are the artworks signed?

All works are signed, numbered and named. This also applies to art prints, but not basic prints and postcards. I always sign on the back of the work, if you would like a signature on the front or on the side of the frame, please let me know.

What happens after the purchase?

When you buy a work of art through the online store, you will receive a receipt for your purchase in your e-mail. When the work is ready to be sent, I will send an email. I use Finnish Posti and Matkahuolto for shipping, depending on the size of the package.


How long does delivery take?

I am a one-woman company and therefore the delivery time for the works is minimum two weeks. As an artist, I am not responsible for delays caused by force majeure or indirect harm caused by delays.

If the delivery is not picked up, the postage costs in both directions will be withheld from the customer. Please note that an uncollected product is not the same as a return.

Can the work be returned?

I would hope that you will carefully explore the work, ask for more information if necessary and be confident when ordering the product. Posting back and forth consumes natural resources and takes time. However, if for one reason or another you would like to return the product, please contact us by email.

Works made to order cannot be returned, for example Art Posters cannot be returned.

Possible return costs remain with the customer. The product must be unused and in its original condition, and packed so that it lasts for the duration of the mailing. The product must also have insurance for the duration of transport. Kaplin Creative Oy retains 2% of the final price of the transaction to cover expenses.

My order arrived defective, what do I do?

If the delivery arrives broken, please take pictures of the package and send them along with the order number and a description of what happened by email within two days of the package's arrival. Basically, damaged works must be returned within five business days. We clarify the progress of the process on a case-by-case basis.

Do I pay customs?

Outside EU countries, the recipient is responsible for local taxes, customs fees and other comparable costs.

How does a gift card work?

The value of the gift card can be 20-3000 euros. You can freely choose the amount, recipient and delivery time. The gift card is valid for twelve months from the date of purchase. The gift card can only be used once and cannot be exchanged or returned.


Can I buy for the company with an invoice?

I can invoice business customers separately. If you buy art as a company and want to pay by invoice, please contact kaisu @

Can the work be reserved?

It is possible to book works for a short time, inquiries by e-mail.

Can I get a discount on the works?

Sometimes works are on sale and you get information about them via the newsletter or social media. If you are interested in several works, please ask for the package price.


Other terms

Keep in mind that the product in the shopping cart is not reserved, but can be purchased by another customer. The order is completed only when you have received a confirmation message in your e-mail. It is good to note that in connection with publications, the website may be congested and overlaps may occur.

The copyrights of the images belong to Kaplin Creative Oy. If you want to publish a photo or photos in other contexts - please contact us by email.

Responsibility for the work is transferred to the buyer at the time of purchase. It is good to note that the works must be handled with care, for example using gloves.


GDPR / Privacy statement

Contact information of the registrar

Kaplin Creative Oy
kaisu @


What information is collected?

When you place a newsletter or online store order, the information you provide is stored in the customer register. For example, first name, last name, street address, zip code, post office, country, e-mail address, phone number, language used when doing business, currency used when doing business. The business customer's company name, social security number and VAT number are also recorded.

In addition, the order information of the online store stores the information provided by the customer in connection with the order, such as the product content of the order, payment method and delivery method.

What is the data used for?

- for customer relationship management

- for order delivery and processing, as well as archiving

- for statistical purposes

- for marketing purposes

The legal basis for processing personal data is a contract, consent or legitimate interest.

In the processing of personal data, the requirements set by the EU data protection regulation have been taken into account.

How long will my data be kept?

Your personal data will be used as long as it is necessary to fulfill the purposes of the register.

In addition, some information can be kept longer to the extent that it is necessary to fulfill the obligations set by law, such as accounting and consumer trade responsibilities.

Transfer of information to third parties

Your personal data will be handed over to partners, such as payment service providers, in order to complete online shopping payments in accordance with the legislation in force at any given time. These operators may transfer your personal data outside the European Union and the European Economic Area in order to be able to deliver the service they offer. Such data transfers are carried out in accordance with the legislation in force at any given time.

Customer rights

- right of revision

- right of rectification

- the right to withdraw consent

- deletion right

All rights reserved.

© Kaplin Creative Oy


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