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tutkailevia polkuja akvarelliteos
pilalle mennyt nainen
im lovin it taideteos

I am so happy you are here.

I am on my happiest when I can create from scratch and even more happier when I can bring joy to others.


My inspiration comes from Inspiroidun of visual insights, lyrics and stories. Sometimes the work is born from that sitting, sometimes the final work is formed on the canvas after months of reflection. At the core of my work is my intuition.

As an artist, I create works that contain the extremes of life, from humor to melancholy. In painting, I often work with mixed media, using tempera, acrylic and oil, as well as various pencils and pastels. I also use watercolors.

In ceramics, in addition to everyday dishes, I make ceramic art, where wildness is a trump card. My idea is that handmade doesn't have to be factory work, uniqueness even in dishes brings edge and roughness, and even mistakes bring character.

The works are for sale and they are sold through the online store, except works on canvas, the payment and delivery is agreed on a case-by-case basis.


Please visit also the FAQ page before order.

Letters to kaisu @ <3


A few works that are in private collections.

The works are not available.

Latest works on Instagram @kaisukaplin

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