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273 Pilalle menneet naiset

273 Pilalle menneet naiset

Size: 30x21cm


My personal story of secondary infertility gave rise to the series ”Dameged women". When infertility becomes a part of life, the whole body feels alien and wrong, rotten. 

These women's wombs gape at their emptiness and they bleed month after month - the lap remains empty.

The touchy subject has been handled in such a way that there is room for interpretation. The character provides peer support, but does not underline the issue. Each of them is unique, even if the idea is repeated. These characters also glorify femininity and champion body positivity.

The Damaged women have been worked on various high-quality watercolor papers with light-resistant watercolors. For the work, I recommend framing. With passepartout, you can increase the size of the work and the work remains protected from dust.

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